Taynton Metal Detecting Club

Latest finds


This section shows the latest finds of note from club digs and own site finds.


Dobunni gold quarter stater, Corio, 50-30BC
Julia Mamaea Denarius. 232 AD.
OBVERSE: IVLIA MAMAEA AVG, diademed and draped bust right

Nr Stanton
REVERSE: FECVND AVGVSTAE, Fecunditas seated left, reaching out to child.
Iron age torc
William 111 Sovereign
William 1 Penny
William1 Penny
Both the above William pennies were found a week apart from the same location, so will almost certainly be classed as a hoard.
Viking gold ingot
Bronze Age Sword
Found by our club chairman Dave Hutton whilst on a detecting holiday in Herefordshire.(2019)

It comes from the Ewart Park phase right at the end of the Bronze Age.
The sword has been deliberately broken in several places before it was buried in the Bronze Age. This makes the item unusable and acts as sacrificial offering to the gods. It is quite possible that this is also done as a show to the local community to demonstrate how powerful this person was because they were able to destroy and discard such a valuable item.  It also looks like this sword may have been used as well. There are a number of V shaped notches on the blade and one sided looks flatter than the other, possibly as a result of repairing a damaged edge. 
Gloucester one shilling token

Crusader coin - Knights Templar France Phillip IV Le Bel (1268-1314) struck 1285-1290


Victoria - Gothic Florin  1853

6th-7th century Irish mount - Made in Ireland for the Saxon English market.

Described as a rare and unparalleled find by Saxon expert


9th century BC Iron Age,11 carat twisted gold ring


Silver annular brooch with a Dagger designed pin of medieval date
George IV guinea


Medieval Silver Seal Matrix
UKDFD record
Seal of William de Stintescombe (Stinchcombe a village in Gloucestershire - found some 25 miles away)
Cnut half penny - 1025/6
Mint - Lincoln
Moneyer - Sweartbrand
Found by club founder Don Sherratt on one of his own sites.

Gold Signet ring c 16th - 17th century (Treasure)
Found by our site finder Pete at a site very local to him, so a well deserved bonus for all his hard work!!
Roman Terret ring Silver Thimble Bronze Age gold bead
  Treasure - disclaimed Treasure
Gold Fede ring Silver Vervel George 111 half guinea
Treasure - disclaimed
Treasure - disclaimed
Roman Knife handle   Roman Lion mount
Glos Light Infantry silver brooch Gold Keeper ring  
Chaxhill Gloucester