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The Gannets

Tudor Artefacts

Gold signet ring with vertical bezel engraved with a griffin within a dotted border.
16th - early 17th century.




Clothes fastener. The three lobes were used to sew this to one side of a garment, probably a cloak. On the other side there would be a similar fitting with a hook to fasten into the eye on this piece.
17th century.



Silver Dress Pin with ornate, gilded head.
Treasure that was returned to finder.
16th century.




Double Purse Bar c1550.


Glass Linen Smoother (handle missing).
c 1600.


Clothing hook fastener.
15th to 16th century.

Toy Petronel. A dangerous toy that would actually fire a small missile
17th century.



Tudor 2oz Trade Weight.
Stamped with crown and Lombardic letter h.

Silver 'Cap Hook' clothes fastener.
Treasure aquired by Gloucester Museum.